Enhancing Advanced Digital Skills and Competences of NGO Employees and Self-employed Adults

The aim of the project DIGITAL ADULTS is to support employees in non-governmental organizations and self-employed adults to improve their DIGITAL SKILLS and competences by designing micro E-learning course.

Latest news

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We are launching the course!

The course of Website development is now available in English, Lithuanian and Czech languages. The registration is open now and participants can access the content of the course from the website. There is an option to obtain the course completion certificate. Register for free and support your skills in Website development!

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Partners meeting in Kromeriz

Partners met to discuss the project progress in Kromeriz, in May 2023. At a very pleasant atmosphere, partners talked about the content of the e-learning course, developed by experts involved in the project. The content has been finalized in English and is being translated to Lithuanian and Czech languages. Another topic of discussion was a technical issue, how to access the course from the website and how to provide feedback. Partners organization specified the plan for piloting and further steps in the project.

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We have completed the e-learning content in English!

After few months of intensive work, partners have finished the development of learning content in English language. Our course about Website development is divided into six lessons covering the topics from design via programming to web security and SEO issues. We focus on very actual issues and developments. The course is suitable for everybody with a basic knowledge in ICT. Follow our website to find the link to the course soon.

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Kick off meeting in Kaunas

The new project focused on NGO Employees and Self-employed Adults to enhance their digital skills and competences has been launched in Kaunas, Lithuania, in September 2022. Representatives of three partner organizations from Lithuania and the Czech Republic met in Kaunas to plan the realization of one year long project. The detailed timeline with tasks and responsibilities were the main outputs of the meeting.